Disclaimer: Just took a sleeping pill so if this posts suddenly ends or goes in a weird direction, I’ll apologize tomorrow.

Okay, if you LURV coffee the way I do, go ahead and take a hammer to your Keurig.  Better yet, hang onto it for people who aren’t Nespresso worthy.  I feel in love with the Nespresso machine on a recent trip to Vancouver.   The minute we got home I ordered the machine for $150, plus a TON of coffee pods.  I didn’t bother buying the milk frother.  No need.  I take it black and the Nespresso machine creates its own foam.  There are tons of strengths and flavour profiles but I like Envivo, Vanilio, and one that has a hint of caramel..

Now, I’m ruined for all other coffee!  I specifically buy the pods that make Lungo coffee.  That’s 110 mm per cup, unlike espresso which has half that amount.  Soooo good.  Who cars that it makes my heart skip beats.

If you want to check it out, just look up Nespresso.com. 




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