Getting an iMac!

Ordered an iMac from Staples on Saturday because I’ve been writing a novel using an app on my ipad.  Truth is, it’s not that. I just really wanted a Mac.  Not a laptop either.  It’s a 21 inch, 4 retina, quad-something, 8 RAM, and a bunch of other sexy tech terminology. 

It should be in tomorrow.  Meanwhile I continue to write every night on my ipad. The price? $1700 taxes in. Included keyboard and mouse. I’ll be helping my son pay $$$$ tuition for the next 89 weeks so I really can’t afford it.  I guess I’ll dip into a bit of my TFSA. Anyway, the price isn’t bad as far as I’m concerned.

Can’t wait.  It’s going to make writing (at least the technical part) easier.  

So that’s it.   Nothing earth-shattering or insanely funny. G’night!


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