Writing in all the Right Places

I have a confession.  I’ve been writing for years but only started promoting my writing recently.  I was afraid I’d be laughed at, not taken seriously, or that my current social media followers would block me because hey, who wants to hear a writer talk about writing?

The thing is, if you’re serious about writing you have to promote.  It’s scary at first because your writing is a part of you, a big vulnerable string of words that says a lot about who you are. I started promoting my writing to get an audience, even if it’s a small one.  When my book is finally ready, I’ll be able to let agents know that I’m developing this platform of potential book buyers (my book hopefully!).

I came across an interesting site recently called Scriggler where writers can post, read and comment.  Sounds like a lot of other similar blog spots but there’s a unique playfulness to this site that’s refreshing.  I haven’t signed up to follow any of the groups yet, but there are a few interesting ones like The Skillful Quill and The Psychological Crime Club thatus.  Maybe I’ll even start my own group.

The important thing is develop a platform for your writing. Agents and publishers want to see that you have a following.  It takes time so don’t worry about starting slow.  Just start!   Get your writing linked to as many social media sites as possible and take the time to follow other people.

Tip:  Scriggler‘s mandate is to help promote a variety of writing forms so while you’re blogging and posting, you’ll also get some free promotion.  Also have a look at wordpress and create your own free website.  I used YouTube videos for tons of help with that.  Once you’ve got a site, post your writing and add links back to it on the other social media sites.

Stay committed and have fun!



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