Sister Agatha thought it would be best if Theresa went for a walk before the couple came to adopt her baby, the baby she’d nursed and loved for six months.

“I want to see them,” Theresa insisted vehemently. She’d fled Newfoundland for Montreal after the baby’s father hit her during an argument. It was a mistake. Nobody would rent to a young, unmarried mother, let alone give her a job.
“Go. When you get back, things will be different. Maybe your parents will take you back,” Sister Agatha said coolly.
“NO! I’m not letting him go!” Theresa shouted as she lifted little Donnie from Crib #8. She held him tightly to her chest as Sister Agatha tried to pull him away. Theresa’s breasts were full, swollen with milk, painful to have the baby pressed against her. Donnie was hungry. He cried, little fists balled tightly.
“You’re filthy,” Sister Agatha hissed. “You got no choice.”
The words weakened Theresa’s resolve, because she knew it was true. There was no place in the world for an unwed, 16-year-old mother, She loosened her grip just enough for Sister Agatha to take him.
You’ve just read a sample of the book I’m writing.  My goal is to have the novel “Me Dear Love” finished to the best of my ability by September 2017.  Lots of work to do……


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