Add This To Your Writing Portfolio!

Professional Mentorship.  I stayed up late last night carefully making sure I followed the guidelines for the Alistair MacLeod Mentorship Program which I heard about through the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia.  Why did I do that? Because I need help!

Committing to a mentorship program takes…er….commitment! The program begins in January and runs until June, at which point there is a READING.  Seriously, how exciting is that?  Okay, if you’re not a writer it’s probably not tickling your giblets but if you’re not a writer, go watch Dr. Phil or something!

I told myself that if I’m not one of the writers chosen to participate in the mentorship program, it doesn’t mean my writing sucks.  But, of course, we all know that’s exactly what it would mean.  A mentor doesn’t want to guide the unguidable! Well, at least I tried.  I love writing whether a mentor picks me from the rubble or not.  There’s nothing quite like stringing along a good sentence, if you know what I mean.  Non-writers who are rolling their eyes right now….I believe I told you to scram.  Pretty sure Judge Judy is on…

Anyway, fingers-crossed.  While I’m waiting to find out (could be months), you’ll find me squinting through my cheap reading glasses, hunched over the keyboard staring at a blank screen.  People in the “biz” call it writing, I guess.winter bird


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