WHY THE TREADMILL -Sometimes – IS BETTER THAN OUTDOORS #runchat #runatcan

There are perfectly good days when I could run outside, but I choose to relegate myself to the basement to pound out some km’s on my sturdy treadmill.  Why?  Anxiety with a touch of Agoraphobia.  That’s my definition.  Sometimes I don’t like to travel far from my house on foot.  It’s hard to explain but it’s like being surrounded with a presence whispering, “This won’t turn out well.  Something bad could happen.”

What would you do?  It’s an awfully hard thing to fight against. So, I’ve learned that on those high-anxiety days it’s safer for my mental health to hit the treadmill.   Okay…you armchair psychologists might think it’s better to face the anxiety head on.  And sometimes I do. But there has to be a safety net before I’ll do that.

A) Mike, my spouse, has to be home with his cellphone turned on.

B) I might need a sliver of Ativan to take the edge off.

C) The sun has to be high in the sky, not starting to set.  That’s a whole different anxiety that I’m not getting into right now.

D) I tell Mike exactly where I’m going and sometimes remind him how to track my phone in case I’m kidnapped.

E) Sometimes I’ll bring my pitbull mix, Coco, for protection.

F) I bring change in case.  I don’t know why.

G) I stuff a snack in my hydration belt.

Exhausting right??

I could just NOT run, but the anxiety of not exercising is even worse.  So, today I went out with Coco for 5k.  Now I’m going to do the rest of the run on the treadmill.
PS:   Ahhhhhhh.  The 0.5mg of Ativan is kicking in.    Still not enough to make me want to venture out.

Thank you Hannah for selling it to me.




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