17 Years – It’s time to wean off of sleeping pills.

My doctor has been after me for months to try and wean off of the sleeping pill, Rhovane. For the past 17 years (at least), I’ve been taking 1/2 tablet (3.75 mg) every night to help me get to sleep.  It works and I really like them!

I don’t want to be on these things, but it’s hard coming off of them. I decided to be brave and expose my flaw to the world.  Maybe if I think someone’s keeping tabs on me I’ll do better this time.  We will see.   Each morning, I will post a very short “check in” to let everyone know how it’s going.img_0403

My plan is to go down to 3.75 mg every other day; and then every second day; etc. until I’m off.  There are weaning calendars online and I’m going to try and find one.

QUESTION:  If anybody finds one for me, please let me know!  They are specific calendars designed to tell you how to wean yourself off of sleeping pills.

For anyone else in the same situation, you can get a sleep log here: http://www.topalbertadoctors.org/download/438/Sleep_Log.pdf

Not making any promises here, but I really want to kick this habit. You can judge me if you want; I just ask that you keep it to yourself please.  Need as much positive support as I can get!

Any advice, suggestions, kind words are welcome.  Just nothing about praying or religion please.

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