Things are about to Get Real

I am currently riding the crest of anxiety and feeling completely overwhelmed when there’s nothing to be overwhelmed about.  This happens every month and even though I know that the dark cloud will lift in a day or two, I still fret.  I don’t WANT to take Ativan but I have to.   I just did.   I tried going for a good run, but that didn’t help.  It’s hard to explain.  It feels like there are a thousand competing thoughts in my head and none of them make sense.  It’s yucky.  It’s the perimenopausal icing to the PMS cake (chocolate, duh).

I try everything you’re supposed to do.   Yoga, run, stretch, deep breathing, etc. Sometimes those things work but not today. 

I’ll be back soon, on another day when the ugly clowd has lifted.


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