Failed Attempt at Reducing Sleeping Pill

Trying to wean myself off of the sleeping pill,Rhovane, but to be brutally honest I’m not sure I really want to.  I’m trying because I know I should, but what does that really mean?

My doctor had a “talk” with me months ago about how they’re discovering that people are having falling episodes, huge memory problems, and other things I can’t remember (see what I did there?).  Actually, I really don’t remember.   But here’s the thing:  What kind of “”study” was it?  How high of a dosage were they on?  What other medical conditions did they have?  What were their ages and how long was the study conducted?  Any or all of these things should be taken into consideration.   You can’t just make a blanket statement about a small study where a few people had negative effects.

That said, I understand that taking something every night to trigger your own natural sleep process isn’t ideal. It’s interesting that when I was first prescribed Rhovane, it was new and amazing and believed to be safe.  I’ve had a legit prescription for at least 17 years.  Now, all of a sudden, I’m supposed to wean from them.  Well, I keep trying.  I’ll continue to try, but it isn’t easy.  

I can’t promise I’ll ever be able to get off of them completely.  

Let’s see what happens tonight.  Maybe I’ll do better.


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