Dr. Laura has some Serious ISSUES

Dr. Laura, and I use the term “doctor” loosely, is a supposed therapist with her own radio show.  She has a gazillion followers and I have to admit that sometimes I’m one of those listeners.  Have you heard her before?  The things she says make Trump look like an amatuer.  It’s hysterical to me that people phone her only to be subjected to humiliating verbal abuse live on air.  Why would you do that??  She doesn’t give learned, objective, clinical advice.  What she gives is her opinion.  That’s all folks.  

I just can’t imagine phoning the show.  Ever!  Sometimes I have it on at work because it’s the only PG radio show I can find.  Her energy is usually so negative that I end up shutting it off anyway.  If you haven’t heard her before, here are some of the things she says and/or believes:

1.  Women who live with their boyfriends are “unpaid whores”.  Interesting, because she never berates the man.  Wouldn’t that make him an unpaid man-whore?

2.  If you’re not married, you and/or your partner are free to screw around?   Does that make ANY sense?  In my opinion, two people are able to make a commitment to one another without a piece of paper and a make-believe god saying it is so.

3. She has a real hard-on for men in general.  A man and a woman can be in exactly the same situation and somehow she’ll turn it around to make it the woman’s fault.

4.  She thinks all pitbulls should be destroyed. Seriously.  Maybe the owners who raise nasty dogs should face consequences.  I guess she doesn’t remember that in the 50’s the American Pitbull was considered the quintessential family dog.

5.  She believes that the mom should always stay home with the kids, no matter what financial hardship they might endure.  Her attitude is to “make it work” or have your husband take on more jobs.  LOL.  I would love to see her have to budget everything down to the type of toilet paper she can afford.  She might have not always been filthy, stinking rich, but she has no idea what people endure.

I could go on and on but why bother.  Hey, I’m not saying she’s always wrong.  Lots of kids get messed up and hurt because of the stupid things parents do.  I agree with that.   But that’s about all I agree with.  If you search “The Google” for her, you’ll find information about how she used to date a married man and eventually lived with him.  Of course, I can’t say that what I read on the Internet is true, but……..

This woman is hostile and it comes out of her mouth in the form of righteous indignation.  She actually hangs up on people, makes them cry, and shouts over people. 

My “opinion” is not to phone her unless you really want to be called a whore and screamed at.  Of course, she would have a come-back for everything written here but the TRUTH is that she is completely out of touch with reality.  She’ll ramble on and on about her fantastic sailing yacht and her crew while real people are just going day by day trying to survive.  What an ass she is.  In my opinion.

Now that I’ve just given her free advertising I’ll sign off.  I think the important thing to remember is that she is paid to “entertain” us and her brand of entertainment is worthy of a sleazy talk-show.  

In my opinion.


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