Brief Book Synopsis – Draft

Pregnant and unwed, 16-year-old Theresa Bennet was kicked out of her home and eventually forced to give up her baby by the Catholic Church.

With nowhere to turn, Theresa moved to Corner Brook, Newfoundland, where she lived in a boarding house for a while.  Her lover – Al – quickly disappeared long before the baby was born leaving Theresa to fend for herself.   It didn’t take long for the charming Al to find his way to Theresa and back into her life, however.  They were finally going to be a family, Theresa thought. All was good until Al hit her and threatened the baby.  That’s when the owner of the boarding house stepped in and demanded that Theresa leave.  She’d decided that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all to house a single mother.

The church became involved and sent her to Montreal where a young married couple would be waiting to take the baby.  By then the baby was 6 months old. “Just pretend he died”, the nuns told her.

The book continues through the life of Theresa Bennet, her lover Al, and the adult life of her son Eddie who, by chance, is told a story that suddenly awakens a need to find his mother.

This book chronicles their lives and the search for their biological connections. From Nova Scotia to Newfoundland, this story take Eddie across the ocean on the Grand Banks Schooner to a province that welcomes him like the son he is.




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