This book is about…

ME DEAR LOVE is about Theresa Bennett…

Pregnant and unwed, 16-year-old Theresa Bennett is kicked out of her family’s home and coerced by the church into giving up her six-month old baby for adoption. Albert, the baby’s father and the man Theresa adores, walks away from the relationship. Exiled from her home, Theresa takes shelter in a Corner Brook boarding house until her pregnancy becomes obvious and, once again, she is forced to flee.  Albert drifts in and out of Theresa’s life while she struggles with first-time motherhood. Just when life is getting good for Theresa, Albert hits her and threatens their newborn. Taking only the necessities, Theresa and her infant move to Montreal where – once again – Theresa finds herself at a boarding house.  This time, the stakes are much higher. Convinced that she cannot look after a baby as a single mother, the Catholic Church convince her to give up the baby for adoption.

The baby is six months old when he is taken from her. “Just pretend he died”, the nuns tell her. She is devastated.  Then she discovers she is pregnant again. Determined not to lose this baby, Theresa escapes the boarding house.

ME DEAR LOVE is also about Eddie Rowenthe adopted son. Mother and son, both on a search for each other, struggle against demons of their own. This is a story about the human condition and the struggles to define happiness.

This novel is inspired by a true story.



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