Eddie Rowen

Eddie Rowen is 57-years-old. He grew up in a typical suburban neighbourhood in Vancouver, and moved to Nova Scotia as an adult for an easier lifestyle. He was – essentially – happy. As a young child, he was told he had been adopted but it wasn’t until much later that the full implications of that were felt.

One day, out of the blue, he meets up with a former neighbour and the two have a short conversation to catch up. Within that conversation, the neighbour mentions that her elderly sister started having delusions of once being adopted and that she’s been in agony over the fact that she believes her mother is out there somewhere looking for her.

That ignites a spark in Eddie and he becomes acutely aware that he very well could have a mother out there searching for him.  Even though he had always known he was adopted, he had never given it much thought.  Until now. The thought of his biological mother searching for him, probably worried about him, solidifies his decision to find her.

The only thing Eddie knows for sure is that she was originally from Newfoundland.

Find out what Eddie uncovers in his quest to find his mother in the upcoming novel, “Me Dear Love”.