Rachel Rowen

Rachel is the wife of Eddie Rowen, whom we meet early on in the novel. Unfortunately, she’s not cast in a flattering light right away.  Rachel isn’t a bad person, but she’s a wanderer and is having an affair when we first meet her.  Because of this, Eddie does not want to bring her along on his search for his mother.

Even though it’s not her first affair, Eddie finds himself reluctant to kick her out. He’s always believed himself to be loyal and feels that if he officially lets go of the marriage, he’s failed in some way.  Rachel makes a mockery of his integrity, and continues to hurt him.  How much will he take?

Here’s the thing…Rachel is simply oblivious.  She’s happy to keep living in the house, bringing her boyfriends around, while acting as if nothing is out of the ordinary. 

Unfortunately, she’s also a blabber mouth and, against Eddie’s wishes, phones his parents in Vancouver to tell them what he’s up to.  Again, with no regard to their feelings.